Streamline DevRel workflows with ChatGPT Description automation
Automating GitHub related SaaS workflows can save time and improve efficiency.
Automate the Daily Work of DevRel
As DevRel professionals, our responsibilities include increasing brand awareness, driving open source project adoption, and building an active and engaged community. DevRels' resources are limited, but we have significant responsibilities. Let's automate our daily work!
According to the 9th DevRel Survey Report, the average team size of DevRel is 3 to 4 people. 8.8% of companies with over 10,000 employees have just a single person running their DevRel program.

Monitor GitHub metrics

GitHub metrics (e.g., forks, stars, and contributors) are good indicators of DevRel success.


Get a Slack notification every time your repo gains 10 more stars

How long does it take for your GitHub repo to gain 10 more stars? It is an indicator of the project’s brand awareness and its popularity among developers.


Get a Slack notification each time your GitHub repo is forked

Monitor forks of the GitHub repo. It tracks the growth of open source projects over time.


Automatically save GitHub issues that mention your open source project to an Airtable table

Monitor and record all GitHub issues that mention your open source project. It helps DevRel keep track of and respond to external questions quickly.

Interact with the community

Build great developer experience.

GitHub issue tracker for Discord
Automatically cross-post GitHub issues to community chats based on issue labels. Say goodbye to manual copying and pasting!

Send the good first issue to the designated Discord channel

Build connections with the contributors
Automatically respond to contributors to foster a strong and supportive community.

Send a thank-you email to the contributors automatically when a PR is merged

Unanswered issue reminder
Sometimes we want to respond to a GitHub issue later, but then forget to do so. An Unanswered issue reminder can help us resolve this problem.

Remind me if an issue is unanswered after 3 days

Triage GitHub issues
ChatGPT can read your issues, determine whether they are urgent, and then notify the right people. This helps maintainers and DevRels triage GitHub issues effectively.

Send urgent issues to the designated Slack channels

Build a RAG-based community assistant
Let the ChatGPT powered Community Assistant help you interact with the community.

Connect your OpenAI applications based on the Assistant API to Telegram

Understand and review code

DevRels need to create content for the technical audience. It’s vital that we understand what every Pull Request (PR) does. ChatGPT can summarize and review the code in a PR. It saves time for us and developers.

Have ChatGPT automatically review and comment on every commit in a PR
Get connected

The above flows can be deployed on more than Slack or Discord. If you want them on other SaaS platforms such as Airtable, Notion, or Telegram, please get in touch with us and we can add more flow templates connecting your preferred SaaS.