No more pre-defined data and connection templates. You could write code to transform data between two SaaS based on your business needs. Both Rust and JavaScript are supported.


No more running your own webhook servers. Just create and upload a function to programmatically define your own workflows. The rest is automagic. Fast, secure, and reliable.

Low Code

No more messing with signatures and tokens. Simple and powerful programming language APIs in Rust and JavaScript. Many community-contributed modules and workflows to get you started!

How it works

Create your flow in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Set up the inbound connector

An inbound connector acts as a webhook for a SaaS. It receives events from the SaaS and triggers the flow function.


Step 2

Set up the outbound connector

An outbound connector takes the output (return value) from the flow function and invokes an API on the outbound SaaS.


Step 3

Upload a serverless function

The flow function takes the data from the inbound connector, processes it based on your business logic, and returns the request to be sent to the outbound connector.

Or is designed by Rust developers and for Rust developers.

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