You have full control of the application logic through code. You can persist states, perform complex data ops (eg ChatGPT), and call external web services. Rust is supported. JavaScript will follow.



No more running your own webhook servers. Just create and upload a function to programmatically define your own workflows. The rest is automagic. Fast, secure, and reliable.


Easy to develop wrap developer-friendly APIs for different SaaS. No boilerplate code to auth and access SaaS APIs. Just authorize access to your SaaS accounts on the platform UI. Automate across multiple SaaS in a single function.

How it works

Create your flow in 3 easy steps.
Write the code wrapped easy-to-use APIs for different SaaS integrations. All you need to do is to write the logic about triggers and actions in code.

write code
Import flow function from a GitHub Repo

To deploy your flow function on, simply import it from a GitHub Repo. Once imported, we will automatically handle the deployment process for you.

import repo
Configure the SaaS integrations

Authenticate and connect the required SaaS integrations like Slack with one click. This step is essential for integrating your tools and streamlining your workflow.

slack is designed by Rust developers and for Rust developers.

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